Parade of Elephants

It was one of those days where I couldn’t believe my eyes There were animals of every kind of shape and size

A parade of elephants led the way,
An amazing sight I’ll never forget that day

A bouquet of pheasants followed the elephants,
a shrewdness of apes came next, brandishing their beautiful capes.

A crossing of zebras came by the same way, Followed by a fabulous float,
the hippopotamuses were all in a bloat

A pride of lions piled in a heap,
the leopards came by and jumped over them in one leap

A flock of ducks in flight,
a flock of camels out of sight,
a flock of sheep to count each night.

A band of gorillas came down the street, everyone tapping to their marvelous beat.

Next in a hurry, came the squirrels in a bit of a scurry
A pod
of porpoise, a pod of whales, I can tell which is which if I look at their tails

A murder of crows, a parliament of owls, whose tree it is, nobody knows a flight of swallows, flew down in a swoop,

and all of the monkeys of old “K” troop

An army of caterpillar,
a troop of kangaroos,
and a colony of ants all marching by in twos.

The rhinoceri were in a such a crash
a cloud of grasshoppers might just get smashed

The giraffes all got in their tower,
making sure they were on time at just the right hour their float was covered with every kind of flower.

The toads they tangled themselves in a knot, as a business of flies convened in a pot.

You should never ever try to tickle
a single porcupine because you might just find, its not alone but in a prickle!

A streak of tigers sped by
they went so fast you’d think they could fly!

The oxen marched in a yoke,
each of them telling yet another joke
A cackle of hyenas laughed all the way as a company of parrots,
repeated everything they would say

A trip of goats had one of the silliest floats, they would slip, slide and skate
in their soft, fuzzy coats

The sharks all came in a shiver,
so don’t get too close they might bite you in the liver

The rabbits in a warren,
each boy and girl,
tootin along on a different horn

The turkey gang was all there, talking their turkey slang everywhere! Gobble, gobble, gobble…

The snakes followed along behind the rest, none of them wanted to leave the nest.