Jones Beach with my nieces.

When at the beach this summer on Father’s Day with my brother’s family, my niece said to me, “What’s that?” when I was writing in my journal. I thought haven’t you ever seen a real journal before? How can that be? I have over 40 of them at least. I realized that one of my special skills is describing things in a visual way with lots of details to capture a moment.

A lot of times, my sketches in my journal provide valuable images for a final product and can enhance a photograph’s limitations when expressing the mood. One example of this is my Glacier Park Bear Notecards I made last summer. I took lots of pictures of the lake, but it was my journal entry from my first day there that helped me capture the essence of the sun hitting the lake and the young couple in love on the bench.

IMG_0023  DSCN5030 DSCN5032IMG_0022



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