Movies I Love?


When I first posted my 30 day challenge, someone asked me about movies. I wasn’t really sure what they meant but I have created a list of my favorite heroines from the big (or little -TV) screen:

Kathleen Kelly  from You’ve Got Mail – I love the way she tries to be so nice, and is always like “there’s no excuse for me to be like that,” If only I could be so polite.

Becky Fuller from Morning Glory – Another one of my favorite actresses Rachel McAdams plays a relentless workaholic dedicated to achieving her dream and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Brigitte Nyborg – from LinkTV’s drama Borgen – I love the way she leads her country. My favorite episode is from Season One Espisode 5 Men Who Love Women. I will never look at women’s rights or equality the same way again. I especially love the part where she convinces the biggest business man in the country to agree to their new bill requiring all businesses to have 50% women on the boards by saying he will get the best women by being a leader.

The women from HBO’s The Newsroom. Especially Mackenzie, Maggie, and Sloan. I love the way they believe in providing real news that is important information for their viewers.

There are probably others I am forgetting, and there are male heroes as well, but this is where I will start today.

I always feel like the test of a good book is if you wonder what the characters are doing when you are not reading the book. I think tv and movie characters work that way too if you think “What would Becky Fuller do?” Did you know that you can follow many of your favorite characters on twitter? Leastways I found the cast members of the newsroom are some of my favorite tweeters!

Do you have a favorite movie or tv hero or heroine you specifically love that motivates you to be a better person?


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