Fifteen Minutes to Create Positive Change


Last year I was listening to Michael Hyatt or maybe it was John Lee Dumas. Maybe it was Michael Hyatt on John Lee Dumas? Haha. Could be I see he was on episode 26 and 447. I just remember there was this challenge to do something that would make significant change in your life in just 15 minutes a day.


Nope I found it. It was in this episode of Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast on goal setting. Michael shares 5 great strategies to help build new habits. He talks about the difficulties of changing and how creating new habits like journalling, flossing everyday, studying, reading, or working out instead of deleting things will make change easier. Just make sure you pick something to add to your life that is going to make significant positive change.


So I decided the biggest impact I could make was to do a 15 minute sketch each day. Here are some of my sketches I completed last winter. I still try to do a lot of 15 minutes sketches but not one everyday by any means. Maybe I should take that up for a new years resolution?

Do you have any daily habits that contribute to your success?

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