Got this years Christmas Card done today!

LOVE the UPS store. Im not sure that’s really a strong enough word. To be able to go in, scan, create card, print, and cut in under an hour so close to home is amazing!

The other night Mike and I saw this little mouse scurrying across the road, hit a patch of black ice and look just like he was skiing in a cartoon across the road. I knew immediately what this years card would look like and here it is done already!!

Every Christmas I try to send a new card and a personalized note. Do you still send out hand written Christmas cards?

Christmas Card 2014

2 thoughts on “Christmas Card 2014

  1. The new UPS stores are great! Just like Kinkos or any office store but better for me anyway. I have been going there ever since they came out with 39 cent color copies a few years ago and they still have them. The Christmas cards were a little more because they use cardstock but still a great deal compared to years ago when color copiers first came out! It’s so convenient for me because I used to have to drive 45 miles to the nearest copier, pay over a $1.00 a copy and if there was a problem with the file, well the challenges go on. To be able to run to town a mere 8 miles away, and scan, make a few adjustments on my computer and print is amazing!

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