My best colored pencil tip ever

Is there anything better then a sharp pencil point for getting details? Have you ever struggled to sharpen your colored pencils? Do you put them in a pencil sharpener only to have the point break over and over until you find yourself holding a nib?

Colored pencils usually have softer leads inside of them then a regular school pencil. Especially the good kind or the new watercolor aqua pencils that allow you to paint with water and a brush after coloring.

Well eye liner pencil sharpeners are perfect for sharpening colored pencils. Although they can cost a little more then the dime (dollar) store pencil sharpener I have found them to be worth their weight in gold. I keep one on my art desk, in my backpack, and my travel tool kit.

Try it and let me know if it works for you!

Do you have any tricks that work well for you?


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