Follow me on Facebook to see videos like this!

So here are some videos of my work I posted on Facebook this summer.


I thought I should share them here. This video starts out talking about my avatar which I have been thinking about a lot.

I’ve decided she just turned 9 so leaving third grade going into fourth, loves learning, learning anything, reading, writing, science, music, games, you name it, she loves it! She always has a backpack with a book, a journal or sketchbook, some markers or colored pencils and usually has a dog at her feet.

But you can also see my christmas card I made that shows my journey over the Continental Divide which I made over 400 times. If you follow me on Facebook you could probably see some videos of those hairy drives as well.

I think there are also paintings at the end of my Sunflakes paintings. I feel like that book is taking forever! But I also love to look at the paintings every time I take them out.

Here’s a book Mike and I are working on called a Parade of Elephants.

and last but not least the Green Queen!

now that’s a trip down memory lane!

Thanks for visiting!

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