Election Day and Jeannette Rankin


If you want to read my book about one of my biggest inspirations and heroines  Jeannette Rankin just click here.


Women in Congress

Watching the news this morning I am so inspired by all the women who were elected to Congress this morning. So it reminded me of the first woman ever elected to Congress in U.S. history back in 1916, from Montana Jeannette Rankin.


My favorite quote from her is “Wouldn’t it be a shame if we died knowing we didn’t do everything in our power to promote world peace?”

MSLAPeaceSign copy

I’m hoping Missoula is going to pull through for us and our Senator Jon Tester will remain our representative in Montana.

Go Blue #bluewave


I still want to do one about Denise Juneau who was our superintendent of schools here in Montana. What I was encouraged by was the high percentage of votes the women who won won by. high 60%s and 70% that is fantastic! I mean this girl a rockstar millennial I might add won by 78%! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 78%! Now that’s what I am talking about!

Record Number of Women ~ According to the Washington Post.

“There will be a record number of women in Congress next year. The House could have close to 100 women, most of them Democrats who decided to run for public office in response to Trump’s election. The new Democratic caucus will include the first Native American women, the first Muslim women and the youngest woman, who is also Latina, ever elected to Congress.”

USA Today has a nice list of these new candidates.

Are there any candidates you would like to read a children’s book about? I love to create biographies.

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