And that makes 10!


Wow, that was a lot harder then I thought, and even though I didn’t finish in 30 days, I did create 10 new posts for my blog in the month of August. I’m not really sure I’m completely happy with what I wrote about. I would like to focus more on my painting and drawing and illustrating of children’s books then just writing about the business of becoming an artist, but it is what it is I guess. Maybe my next post will include a painting of this beautiful bouquet from my garden. So lucky to live with an amazing gardener. Here’s to completing a challenge and looking forward to more conversations to come….

2 thoughts on “And that makes 10!

  1. Amazing as I just finished a watercolor of flowers from my garden! How do I get inspired -just looking at the beautiful flowers before me and trying to get a painting done before they wilt. I love this time of summer because the dahlias are blooming a and they are the hardest to capture but a great challenge. Ox Mom

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