What would you do in Paris?

2 Weeks in Paris

2 Weeks in Paris

My dream if I went to Paris for two weeks is to spend it in Bookstores. I know an artist like me and all I can think about is being able to read all my children’s books classics in French. I think that would be the only way I could learn to read and speak french. Just like I teach students in the classroom, I would read books especially rhyming books in French and the only place I know to be surrounded by books in French I can think of is to go to Paris.


This sketch is part of my Draw it Down, Make it Happen theory. Kind of like the book Write it Down, Make it Happen, but with a twist.


Of course while I am there I would probably visit a museum or two and also I would have to go to Giverny for a day or so to see Monet’s gardens.


What would you do in Paris for two weeks?

One thought on “What would you do in Paris?

  1. Tres bien! I would want to join you on some of those jaunts too! Think about walking through some of the gardens and sections of Paris as there are so many sights to just see and sitting on the Chans Elysee with a jambon pane and a drink 0f choice Bon Chance!

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