What really makes you angry about the world?



What makes me angry in the world is that everyone everywhere doesn’t have access to clean sanitary water.

Maybe it’s because we lived for so long without running water, but this is an issue dear to my heart. Right along with universal pre-school, and I mean universal for every child everywhere. Water should be a basic human right that we should all be supporting no mater where you live. I don’t think just because a child is born in a poor country they don’t deserve to have access to safe healthy clean drinking water and wash water. I don’t believe that children should have to spend days getting water (or firewood for cooking) instead of going to school.

I believe that in 2014, we have the technology to distribute food and water to every human on the planet. I believe in a life of abundance and not scarcity that means that everyone everywhere can thrive and contribute to the betterment of civilization. I love this woman’s idea for Wello the mobile water haulers, and can’t believe someone didn’t think of this simple solution sooner, but I think we can do better.

I always wonder if the person who is going to discover the cure for cancer (or some other incredible life changing invention) is not getting nourished with healthy food or water. Is this a risk we want to take as humans?


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