2015 blog challenge

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own blog? If so, this no-fail challenge is for you.

Here it is:

Step One- got to wordpress and sign up for a free blog.

Step Two: Write a blog post about anything. Do Not Post this. Save it as a draft for later.

Step three: Repeat step two 29 more times.

Challenge complete. You have now written ur first 30 blog posts. How long did it take you? 2 weeks, a month? 6 months?

Did you like it?Are any of your posts ready to publish? Did you play with any themes? Did you write your About Page? Did you read other blogs and follow anyone you really like? Have you commented on anyone elses blog? Do you think they will want to comment on yours?

Are you stil wondering if you should start one hit me up at awesomemontana@gmail.com and ill see if i can help answer any of your questions or give you challenge #2


One thought on “2015 blog challenge

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