Mike’s Green Garden Peace Sign | Notecards For Sale

This winter I started a new project called the Organic Gardener Podcast where I interview organic gardeners about their journey. I also created Mike a website where he can share his gardening knowledge and our garden’s journey. The logo for his website is a picture I took of the peace sign in our garden and yesterday I went to the printer and had these new cards made. This also explains why I haven’t posted anything on this blog for the last 3 months. Podcasting is a LOT of work!! But so fun and inspirational. It’s been amazing. But hopefully I can get some more painting and gardening (haha) done starting this spring! Hope you like them!

Mike’s Green Garden Peace Sign


They came out soooo much better then I thought they would!

Mike had this peace sign made for me for a graduation present when I got my BA from the University of Montana in Elementary Education in 2003!

What a surprise to come home and see this giant peace sign in the garden!

If you would like to purchase some of these cards or any of my other notecards you can see them at my Etsy shop here!

You can also see my website jackiebeyer.com here.

Thanks so much for supporting the Organic Gardener Podcast, Mike’s Green Garden and me Jackie :~)


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