Journaling 101

So I was thinking about starting some journal entries.

A lot of times, I start my journal entry by writing

Dear Jack,

and then I begin to talk about my day. Maybe what happened yesterday, or last week, or what I want to do for the day ahead. I actually realized that I write “should” a lot and even made a short cut for it which is just basically an s and a slanted line:


I should do the dishes, I s/do the laundry, I s/write a blog post on journaling, I s/read that book on Wangari Matthai I got out of the library, I s/look up building your email list on the internet… I  should. But more often then not, within a half hour I have defined what is the most important goal (or should) that I need to accomplish for the day, morning, next hour and it is done and I come back to my journal and finish.

But writing in my journal has lots of other benefits as well. I’m not going to go into those right now. I’m going to try to keep these posts, short, focused and simple and include one CTA (call to action).

I am also the master of  the stick figure. Which is funny cause I guess my mom hates stick figures. When she was a teacher she would have her kids make a whole body not just stick legs etc. But I LOVE stick figures.

So today I am going to encourage you to create some basic stick figures.

The first one I want you to create is a stick figure of you and your family. If you’re single, just do your mom, dad, and siblings, pet, etc.

To draw a basic stick figure with personality all you do is draw a regular stick figure. Yes, a circle for the head, a stick for the body, (or a triangle if it’s a female in a dress) and some lines for arms and legs. Very basic.

But here’s where you give it some personality. Is there a color you always wear? Then make your stick figure that color? Purple? Pink? Black?

Do you alway wear a hat? My husband doesn’t go anywhere without his white Stetson (he says the good guys wear white, like the Long Ranger) so give your stick figure a hat maybe (Again, just a circle with a bigger circle for the brim). BASIC!

But you’re not gonna confuse me with my husband – I have the triangle dress, he has the hat.

Get the picture?


Here’s a very basic stick drawing of me (circle and triangle) teaching students (circles and lines) with a globe. But if I go back in my journal I’ll remember more about that day then if it says, I taught the kids geography today …

What can you do to make your stick figure you?

I’d love to see your creations.

Remember you can see all of my projects at


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