Dreams Do Come True

This is the cover to my book Dreams Do Come True…


It’s one of the first book projects I started. I have been thinking about it a lot lately as I think about creating a new podcast about journaling and art. I love to journal and it seems like everyone I talk to lately is talking about journaling.

Dreams Do Come True is actually a journal that you fill in with the dreams you have for your future. I think it’s nice to see what you were thinking about as a child and then when you are an adult go back and see how many things come true,  how much has changed over the years etc. And maybe keep track while you are on course.

One of my big dreams that I want to come true right now is to get a book published.

This is one of my favorite projects and especially as fires are all around I think this is more important today then ever. The Green Queen is a book about a little girl who points out to people everyday things they can do in their ordinary lives to help create a greener planet.


I just can’t understand people in this day and age who still use a styrofoam cup?!


I have also been visiting a lot of farmer’s markets lately and I love this painting of the farmer’s market the Green Queen visits!

You can see a video of the Green Queen at my Facebook page!

You can also see any of my other projects at my website: http://www.jackiebeyer.com

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