Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert is a Must Read!


Big Magic  is a Must Read!


I know there are Elizabeth Gilbert lovers and haters. I only know this because my mom is not one of her fans. Otherwise I would think she was loved and adored by everyone as much as I LOVE her!

I can’t remember a book where I laughed so much during every chapter. I mean there wasn’t one section where I didn’t just lol (or laugh out loud) at least once if not many times throughout her book because it rings true in so many ways and she brings the struggles and challenges of not just creating art but putting oneself out there and submitting art to life with her funny anecdotes and stories!

If you are an aspiring writer, artist, musician, entrepreneur, or basically anyone who likes to create anything of any kind I can’t recommend this book enough. Not only does Gilbert manage to read your mind and capture the daily hopes and fears that go through every artists mind with charm, grace and wit, but she encourages readers to embrace them and strive to follow one’s passion or intuition wherever it leads them.

She talks about putting your all into your work, striving to be the best, and reminding us that we must first and foremost create because we love what we do. She has first hand knowledge of what it’s like to succeed as well as fail and helps artists take themselves seriously while reminding them not to worry about the outcome as much as enjoying the process.

This is a book I will read over and over and over. When I am stuck and when I want inspiration, when I need courage to put myself out there and when I wonder if I am on the right track?

I actually read it twice in a row before I returned it to the library. Can’t wait to get my hands on my own hard copy I can highlight and write in the margins etc….

Most of all she will encourage you to submit, submit, submit and when you read her love of rejection letters (no, she doesn’t really love to get rejected) but she makes you understand that getting a rejection letter is just a step in the process and that sometimes the fact that you have gotten the attention of someone it means you’re on the right path as well as the fact that No, doesn’t always mean no! Most of you will laugh, wholeheartedly with her and perhaps finding yourself waving your rejection letters in front of your friends proudly saying “You won’t believe who I got a rejection letter from today!”

Completing Projects

One of the biggest things I learned from her book is that she is big on completing projects. I never realized how many unfinished books I have in the works. I always thought I didn’t want to complete the pictures because I thought that the publisher would want input. But I think I just need to work on finishing projects and then when a publisher comes on board just edit projects. Certainly not all paintings would need redone or why would they be publishing it?


Maybe. Elizabeth gives an example of how she got her first article published. It was a 10 page short story. The magazine called and said they had an ad pulled and she had to cut it by one third!! That was a lot of story to cut. The editor told her to decide, cut it or wait for a more recent issue. Gilbert was able to create a good story, a different story of sorts but a good enough to be published stand alone story that would launch her career. She also talks about an entire novel she tossed in the trash, but she finished. She talks about creating for the sake of creating and not for professional status or gain (although those are nice) she just says you shouldn’t put too much stress on your creative ideas. Keep your day job!!! But keep creating because you love to.


I might be rambling here but I can’t recommend this book enough.

Let me know if you like it as much as I do! Best of all Gilbert has a Facebook Page where you can go talk with other fans. She mentions it in the book. It’s wonderful!

See ya there :~))




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