Dreams Do Come True | Paris Here I AM!


I still can’t believe it came true!


But to celebrate 100,000+ downloads of the


Organic Gardener Podcast


the most successful teaching experience I’ve ever had at my dream school,


and gasoline prices at an all-time low making a ticket to Paris affordable,


FlowersOnTableplus EXPEDIA.com offering a great deal of basically a free hotel room (with a full kitchen!!!!!) at the INCREDIBLE Stay City Apartments!!!


to Paris I went!!!


Crossing the last item off my bucket list from being a little girl and stepping outside of my comfort zone by going to a country where people spoke a different language all by myself was AMAZING!!! I’m so glad I went.


For the next 2 weeks I’m gonna write about my trip and what made it so successful. Hope you learn how to make your dreams come true too!

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