Bookstore love? Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Bookstore love?

A lot of people have asked me lately has belonging to SCBWI been beneficial? I have to say 100% No, 1000% , No, 1,000,000%.

Going to events and meeting authors who were just where you were a few years ago as well as authors who have been writing for years is invaluable. The learning curve is incredible.


I recently made the SCBWI blog my homepage. I can’t miss a thing and am current on what’s going on in the Children’s book world every time I open a new page. And I use the shortcut CMD+L all the time! (if you don’t know what that does it means you can open a new page in your browser and just press the command key and the l key at the same time and it will highlight the space bar and search google or whoever your search engine is right away… and if you go to certain websites a lot like amazon, or the organic gardener podcast home page or the library or Facebook or wherever you normally go the website will usually auto-fill after just a few letters)

Anyway… just an FYI if your on the fence about paying $80 or whatever the annual fee is I guarantee its the best buy on the planet. That’s not even $10 a month. It’s incredible what you get and what you learn. I should have been an avid member forever…

“Come up with a simple craft and offer to read your book along with a couple others. The store will love you.” Anyway heres some great advice from the blog. Wouldn’t you love for bookstores to love you. from Mary Anne Fraser

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