Polish Those Shiny Pennies

To be honest my first reaction is probably still my last.


Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose!: Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams  book is probably my biggest productivity book because it allows me to FOCUS on whats in my head at the minute and evr since i created her scrapbooking jrnal or whatevr she calls it and look back thru it I see Massive Imperfect Progress!!

So even though I have a note on my desk that says


Follow One Course Until Success

What would John Lee do?

I still feel like its important to polish those shiny pennies and feel that part of my overall success is my ability to get so much done and use my time wisely by following my passions… If i had stuck with my art i wld nvr have started the Organic Gardener Podcast which has taught me so much and since deep down my all time dream is to be a biographer its not only taught me about gardening and building an audience its taught me ( and built my confidence) how to be a gr8 interviewer..and aftr 3 years of being online my website which had 0 yes 0 views according to Godaddy in 2014 has had over 2500 in 2015! So its helping me learn a lot about getting traffic and creating an audience…

I mean 2016 was INCREDIBLE!!!
I went to Paris


Im gonna break 250,000 downloads any day!!


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