Montana Road Trippin’


OK, so this is my new favoritest thing in the whole world. Dia and Jewels from the Montana Road Trippin’ Podcast. I just want to shout their praises from the roof top of every building everywhere, everyone I run into I ask if they listen to podcasts and then I tell them well they should start haha with this great one: Montana Road Trippin’ 


A Bear in Glacier National Park

These girls are not only funny but they are passionate and best of all informative. Not only do I learn history about one of my all time favorite places, but I learn important tips like how to actually use my bear spray should I ever encounter a live bear when walking/running/hiking in the woods, which is amazing possibly that I haven’t really considering how much time I spend in bear country.

2012-05-08 17.05.25

A Bear on the edge of Glacier National Park one morning on my way to school.

The funniest thing to me is how much they talk about rattlesnakes. I have never encountered a rattle snake I have to say.

Avon Cut Across

An antelope in a field of flowers on the Avon Cut Across between Deer Lodge and Seeley Lake


Hwy 90 headed East to Butte

 One of my favorite road trips is the Avon Cut Across when driving to Butte or Bozeman.

Looking Glass Pass

I saw this moose when I drove over Looking Glass Pass definitely one of my all time favorite road trips.


I made a list of the ten things I wouldn’t leave home without in Montana. Of course the list got a little longer then ten and I had to have a separate list for traveling in my car, especially when I crossed Marias over 300 times and wouldn’t you know the only time I got stuck, I had nothing. (haha- typical Montana story)


Driving on the road toward Marias Pass

Ten things I wouldn’t leave home without in MT

1. Headlamp**
2. Lighter
3. Dry socks
4. My pocketknife
5. Warm sweater or fleece
6. Gloves
7.  Hat or scarf or headband
8.  Water
9.  Snacks- high protein nutz etc
10. Sketch book/journal
11. Colored pencils/sharpener/pen/eraser
12. Chapstick
13. Cell phone
14. Bank card/cash n chg
15. Bearspray
16. Glasses
17. My dogs:)
18. Good friend(s) if possible
19. Walking stick
20. Grocery sack
21. Bandana
22. Coffee cup
October 2014

Going to the Sun Road

In a car I would also take along:
Sleeping bag n tent n candle
Swimsuit n towel
Spare Tire
Picnic bskt

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